This DIY Bidet Transforms Your Bathroom into a “Luxurious Spa” in Under 15 Minutes

  • October 26th, 2020 - Heather Madison

“You’ll fall in love with the clean feeling!”

Do You Never Feel Clean After Wiping?

If mud was smeared on your skin, would you use tissue to clean it? Bet not. You’d go to the sink and wash the spot with water.

So, why do you use toilet paper after using the restroom?

Dry-wiping leaves you itchy & sticky. Even wet wipes can still feel “swampy”, and the sensation only goes away when you shower.

But there’s a better way to clean after using the toilet: Just “wipe with water” using this new device. 

80% of the World Uses Bidets. Why Don’t You?

France, Italy, and most Asian countries have always used water to clean after ‘doing number 2’. 

It’s easy to see why: Wiping smudges those nasty ‘remnants’ on your bum. But water effectively disengages every bit of ‘leftover’ on your skin. 

And a growing number of people agree: You don’t realize how unclean dry-wiping feels until you try a refreshing water wash.

The "Hygiene Trend" That Leaves You Feeling Fresher Like Never Before

The great news is, there’s a shower-fresh, germ-free, and relaxing way to clean your bum every after you ‘go’. 

Since 2017, more than 110 bidets have been sold, and they’re becoming the fastest growing hygiene trend.

Clear Rear Uses A Gentle Water Stream to Cleanse Your Behind

Finally, you can ‘do your business’ without twisting backwards and bending your body to wipe. Just turn a knob! 

Clear Rear is the DIY bidet that upgrades your toilet trips for a few pennies. 

Bidets have gone viral, and Clear Rear has been tough to keep in stock. 

We highly recommend you check if some are still available before they get put on back order again.

How Does It Work?

Clear Rear uses fresh water to effortlessly cleanse your behind. It will feel as if you’ve just had a custom shower for your rear end.

No more having to turn, twist, and stretch your body to wipe. Just touch the knob and feel fresher!

Unlike toilet paper that leaves behind ‘leftovers’, Clear Rear completely detaches the mess and leaves you feeling fresher than ever.

Reach for the adjustable pressure knob for the comfort level that perfectly works for you. It even has a “Lady Mode” for women’s intimate cleansing.

Clear Rear Is Super Easy To Install!

It uses water from your current supply, no need for electrical power or paying a professional to do the installation. Simply mount the bidet onto your toilet (it fits most bathroom seats) and connect it to your water source.

Everything you need is already in the box. The built-in self-rinsing nozzle also washes the spray so you never have to reach in and do the cleaning. 

In 15 minutes or less, begin enjoying the life-changing, hands-free cleanse that have thousands of Americans switching from TP to Clear Rear.

Is It Really Better Than Toilet Paper?

Giving you fresher, easier, and cleaner toilet trips after a few minutes of installation is where The Buttler really rises above the rest. 

Customers say it proved to be a ‘blessing’ in these situations:

“I’ve no plumbing experience whatsoever, but I was able to get this up and running in 12 minutes, reading the manual included. The first time felt surprising, but by my second wash I was a convert. I love that it helps us be more eco-friendly. I can’t imagine living without this now.”

Aubrey M.

“If only I had known about this long ago. No more hemorrhoid issues and Clear Rear performs so much better than toilet paper. Helps around the arthritis as well.”

Stuart J.

“I highly recommend this product to everyone suffering from issues like rectal fissures or hemorrhoids. It’s incredibly easy to install and affordable.”

Arthur A.

Is Clear Rear Worth It?

Other Bidets

  • 15-minute DIY Installation

  • Professional Installation

  • Affordable

  • Can Cost A Fortune

  • Customizable Pressure & Angle

  • No Adjustable Settings

  • Zero Power Required

  • Needs Electricity

  • Super Easy To Use

  • Complicated To Operate

I have to say I was anxious and a little skeptical when I tried Clear Rear for the first time. I’ve only ever used toilet paper, so everything was new to me.

I experience back pain pretty often, and it makes it tough to use the toilet and wipe. It seemed like Clear Rear could help.

And when I tried it, I immediately shifted from scared to completely amazed. 

It felt so refreshing. I felt so clean the entire day… It was so surprising, I didn’t know I felt so swampy before. 

After I write this review, I’m going to order 3 more as gifts to our parents. I think this might feel like a godsend to seniors with mobility issues.

Bottom Line: No wonder Clear Rear has been getting rave reviews from persons with lower back pains, new moms, and the elderly… it’s clearly what you need if it’s a pain for you to twist and turn when wiping.

But really, since it hygienically cleanses the behind and saves everyone from wiping with toilet paper, it’s the ultimate change that should happen to every bathroom.

Ready To Try Clear Rear?

It’s only available online and can’t be found in stores. 

Now that you know about the incredible clean that this toilet innovation can give you, here’s how you can try it:

  1. Order Clear Rear from their official website below
  2. Start having shower-fresh and more relaxing trips to the toilet

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